WNBA’s Chicago Sky celebrates Candace Parker Day as they are still in awe after the six-time all-start chose to go home even at 35 years old.

It is no secret she will be missed by her former team as she won the defensive player of the year twice during her prime. Now she is a bit past her prime but she can still play ball. Right now, the Sky are winning some games and also losing some of them. The NewSensations discount truth is they are giving it their all whenever they step foot on the floor. She does a lot to help the communities in Chicago so you know she deserves to have a day named after her. The mayor did all the necessary paperwork in order to give the basketball legend her day. It is amazing how she sometimes serves as an analyst on NBA on TNT every Thursday when the WNBA season is over.


When she retires, that can be one of the things that she would look at.

Right now this team is pretty mediocre but they can still make some noise with one huge signing or even a trade. Since Parker is their start, it is indeed possible they will consult with her regarding what they want to do moving forward. There can be many things that you can do here and a lot of people will be involved in the decision-making process. Besides, you’re going to want to believe in the stuff that dreams are made of.


Candace Parker already won the WNBA championship and the MVP twice so you can pretty much assure that she is going to the Hall of Fame.

It would be a crime if she ended up not going there. After all, they are now an FTV Girls team that is a force to be reckoned with in the entire league. Don’t be surprised if they get more televised games. Small market teams don’t usually get big market players so they made such a historic signing when Parker put ink on paper. Add that to the fact that they have tons of fans who have bought their merchandise on more than one occasion.

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When you have a Candace Parker Chicago Sky jersey then you know how huge of a start this basketball player is.

It is quite obvious her best days are behind her but it is still great for her to go back home and see what it would be like to help her home team go to the playoffs. Parker still thinks she has a lot more to offer to the game and that goes to show how dedicated she is to making this thing work. It could be quite a few more years before a player of this magnitude would sign with this team again. Until that happens, there will be some festivities via cherrypimpsdiscounts.com all over Chicago when the Sky celebrates Candace Parker day. When you try it for yourself, you are going to be so excited about it when it happens.